JAVACOS Technologies Co. Ltd is a fast growing company in the business of developing JavaCard & Global Platform Operating Systems. Our JavaCard is readily deployed throughout multiple industries such as healthcare, education, transportation and e-identification, both foreign and domestic.

     JAVACOS is engineered in accord with the standards of the Global Platform and Sun Microsystems and the ISO industry, ensuring a fluidity and seamless interoperability of applications for card issuers as well as solutions developers. Compatibility with third-party applets as well as all existing smart card infrastructures and JAVACOS's own applets encompassing payment, transportation and banking are a testament to the solutions inherent flexibility.

    We also offer a complete set of Software Development Kit: JCIDE and PyApduTool. JCIDE is an Integrated Development Environment designed specifically for the JavaCard programming language; The PyApduTool is a handy tool which can communicate with the card via the reader connected to PC.